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Few Useful Ideas for Your Catering Company Name

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Few Useful Ideas for Your Catering Company Name

Catering is about feeding people of all groups, from children who celebrate their birthdays to some business meetings attended by professionals. Serving delicious meals and tasty appetizersto clients and the guests invited, but also giving a proper but catchy name to your company, may help you increase the profit and improve your culinary skills, too.

According to North American Industry Classification System data, about 8,000 companies make the catering industry. Start by choosing a business name that is going to be unique and easily recognizable. When you begin considering the company’s new name, try thinking about what kind of events do you create; whether they are children’s parties or business seminars. You will make a good first impression on your catering clients if the name of your company is appropriate. It would be clever if you waited for some time in order to get to know your clients better.

Simple Ideas

brainstorm-ideaTry brainstorming some ideas first. Then make a list of those ideas related to words that describe industry, catering and food, of course. Everything that comes to your mind can be helpful. Term that seems the most obscure can be a lead to finding a perfect name. Also, you can think about ideas such as adding your first and/or your last name to “Catering Creations” or “Catering Service.” Also, looking at the phone book and checking other names of various companies can give you some ideas, however make sure not to copy the name, but it should only inspire you to think of the name for your catering company even for catering melbourne company.

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Creative Ideas

Since catering company provides people with deliciously cooked meals and various tasty deserts and various kinds of drinks, think about the kind of service you provide and food that you serve because these are important facts when thinking of company’s name. One possible solution is flipping through beverage and food magazine, supplier catalogs and industry newsletters. Also, search for catchy words, terms and phrases. It is also important to create a name that is amusing in a way.


catering_headerAlways have in mind target audience when constructing a catering company name. So, the name should be simple, but fun when thinking of a name for company that deals with children parties. However, if your company focuses on creating large events for serious corporations then create a name that is serious, too in order to represent yourself as professional. Be careful to check if the name is available to be used with the state’s office before you finally decide of giving a name and print marketing material.

Name for a Catering Business:

  • Corporate Caterer

If your company deals with corporate clients then you should pick a name that sound professional, for instance, use your full name and add ‘’Catering’’ Doug McDougal Catering. Also, you can use the word ‘’business’’ or ‘’corporate’’ so as the kind of service of your company is clear to your clients.

  • Wedding Caterer

When someone is organizing a wedding celebration, they will usually hire a company that has had some experience with this. So, if your catering company deals with preparing wood for weddings, add a ‘’wedding’’ in the company’s name: Doug McDougal’s Wedding Catering Service.

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